Friday, 18 September 2009

About the upcoming mixtape...

Hello all, I just wanted to let you all know, We are sooo pleased with the sound of the new mixtape, that I think we're going to try and push this mixtape around. We love helping others, thats the kind of spirit we have, and we at TTB are really impressed with this mixtape and its very cohesive sound. We plan on passing this mixtape around physically and through other tangent via. This mixtape does not include any Timbaland/Danja production because I wanted to focus on the new talents.

I will not name who made the mixtape, but all of the submissions were great, some just stood out more and gelled in with the others. You will know who was picked once the mixtape has been released, and it will be released today.

We love getting your sound heard. The Buzz family has so much in store for you all, bigger and grander things. Please be patient and wait and see how we grow.

And personally, if you haven't downloaded any mixtapes from the past, I suggest giving this one a try. It is Techno/Dance based, and you have to hear these producers strut their talents, and show off their true versatility features that a lot of the common producers don't show/do these days, getting away from the Hip Hop/Pop/RnB safe sound and venturing out...

Thank you,

Venture :)

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cockpuncher said...

Where can I download the 4th mixtape you guys made in september?