Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Timbo talks about the Jay-Z leaks

The second time (1st time was here), Timbo talks about this whole 'Timbo-leaked-his-Blueprint-III-records' thing, but with a new twist!
Someone tried to sabotage Tim's & Jay's friendship??
Watch and listen here:

Tim also explained how the leaking of his Bluperint III tracks supposedly happened:
"Tim explained that someone hacked into his engineer's e-mail and stole the files of Blueprint 3 songs "Venus vs. Mars" and "Off That," the first to be leaked from the album. He said they hadn't determined a destination for "Rumors," though they thought it wasn't right for Blueprint 3 (we told u so) or for Tim's Shock Value II. They decided to leave it in the vault, but it somehow made its way onto the Internet last fall. The super-producer says the leak was a blatant attempt by an unknown mastermind trying to damage their relationship." -


props to DonEBlaze for the find

[Update]: All the gossip people and this:
Timbaland Goes Off On The Haters

2 Comment(s):

davidprimer said...

I knew it was a hacker

Haze said...

man timbo didnt really have to do this, already said it all before in a different order. The BP3 leaking business is boring, we know it was hackers; doesnt need to keep going on about it.

"Don't have alot of friends" - thats interesting....