Friday, 16 April 2010

Not looking good for Timbaland's morality... its spreading fast...

This is looking very bad for Timbaland. Everyone knows he is a genius. Thats undeniable. Though, in this world... your personal being should, and always should overshadow your craftsmanship. A lot of big Magazines are picking this story up, and a lot of interviewers are interviewing Ginuwine and getting the scoop on the situation.

Here is a video of a interview of Ginuwine (props Buddha)...

Now notice how G sounds really sincere. I applaud the fact that he is very much so being a man about the situation, and he also tried to talk to Tim himself.

Also noticr how G said that he was so messed up about Tim's disregard, that they had to animate the video... Our team got this video a couple of days ago from a very supportive member by the name of Mamoun who sent us this link to the "Get Involved" video. Is this the animated outcome?

Seems likely, no?

Talk to us TTB.... What are your thoughts?

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moon1283 said...

thanx for the props mate...i usually go by the pestilence though,lol

i think they should have talked this by themselves rather than ginuwine dissin him on the radio...everybody knows tim is busy,whether its soshy,brandy or SV2 the re-release,etc...
i like ginuwine but he just didnt grow enough with his sound(my opinion)...and the video is just weird.he didnt need timbo on it,to make it good...i still wish him well though

Venture said...

No problem.

Ginuwine tried reaching out to Tim. The reach failed. So to get Tim to hear it, I think this is the next route.

G and Tim changed RnB with Pony single-handedly.

Turning your back on your brother/friend is not cool.

Especially... especially when bread is involved.

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...

I actually think Ginuwine is taking the "nice" route. This is an issue concerning money. The average man would sue, but you can tell Ginuwine still got love for Tim so he'd raher do this.

Venture said...

Yes, he is. I'd be cursing him out... sike naw... for real... G is being the grown man in the situation.

I await Tim's side of the story.

EQ said...

hahaha. the "dance moves" they gave Timbo for that animation are funny.

Otherwise, I hope this Ginuwine thing got made enough noise for Tim to reach out and make things right.

Although I really really doubt there will be any sort of collaboration any time soon. Timbaland's already got a lot of album commitments

B-Listed said...

Now there are rumors going around that Tim has asked Brandy for a huge amount of money to produce her next album and promote it a little.

Brandy was never paid for her performances and recordings on SVII

I LOVE tim especially for his work with bran and liyah but now he's being shady and I dont really respect him anymore.

He needs to work with brandy for a friendly price and make things right LMAO jk...he can do whatever