Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tha Hood Diezel feat. Brisco & Billy Blue - "Grindin' Til Tomorrow"

Check out Billy Blue's latest feature on a song:

Tha Hood Diezel feat. Brisco & Billy Blue - Grindin' Til Tomorrow


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stargate said...

this track is wack!

Haze said...


Anonymous said...

It's official. Timbaland is the worst at picking talent.

Scripted said...

u gotta stop it with these billy blue chesse post PLEASE

jonneymendoza said...

Fucking shit. Timbo was a much better beat maker and talent recruiter when he was at beatclub.

bubba sparxx, sebastian, ms jade, kiley dean all blow away the likes of billy blue.

load of shit

Black Arrow said...

@scripted: he's signed to MMG just like Keri Hilson or Nelly Furtado.
And if we post music and news of Keri & Nelly that aren't Timbaland affiliated, then why not Billy Blue?
it doesn't matter if the track is good or not, point is that we post his stuff because he's signed to MMG.