Saturday, 8 May 2010

Brandy performing at The House Of Blues

In case you missed the latest episode (number 4) of 'Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business' on VH1, here are the scenes with Timbaland.

1st video: "Brandy's Soundcheck"

Now guess who's on the keys at the beginning? None other than Jerome Harmon aka JRoc!
And on the turntables? DJ Freestyle Steve!

2nd video
: "Get Familiar With Bran' Nu"

props to iammusic!

4 Comment(s):

B-Listed said...

it was s damn interesting seeing bran and tims interact! I pray to God they work together on her next album for at least a few tracks!

Bran was in the studio with Danja last week and this week shes been in the studio with Kevin McCall (Produced Chris Browns mixtape).

Haze said...

i agree! well interesting. shame was only 3 mins long.

Lez Carmen said...

Brandy looked amazing!!!

moon1283 said...

i dont know if u guys know this but timbaland made it to the final round on the vibe magazine contest against the neptunes...lets keep on voting