Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The-Dream - "One In A Million" (Aaliyah Cover)

For his upcoming mixtape 'Love Sessions', The-Dream tries to cover the Timbaland produced hit by Aaliyah "One In A Million" (with a BIG emphasis on "tries").
Check it out:

The-Dream - "One In A Million" (Aaliyah Cover):


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Kormanuth said...

Ok he's really tryin'! Its not bad but he's never gonna be near what Aaliyah has done with the track. One in a million is her baby. He really messed up in the last part of the song. Shouldnt been doing that!!
But on the other side... i think he has love for Aaliyah and wanna pay tribute. Is good that after 9 years artist keep Aaliyahs legacy alive. (where is that duet album??). It's not bad, it's not good, it's just aight. No one can top Aaliyah... (but thats mine opinion).

'Ryan Avery, the Netherlands

Mr. Rios said...

I'm sorry but I like the dream and I gotta give props. I might have to do this too.

I know it's just an honor to the great Aaliyah.

Plus did you hear the extra production they added? Pretty cool

Lez Carmen said...

I like the Dream too but, he is just singing this song for the heck of it, he fails to capture that distinct emotion. I do like some of the backing vocals he does on this but thats it. This deserves to be done 1000 times better. Yeah, I heard the tiny extras he put in but, it sucked. Just my opinion
I wanna hear someone like Beyonce, Leona Lewis, or Mariah Carey kill it on a T&D Remix but with the same note progression, sprinkled with Danja dust :)
Still got love for the Dream.

Now let my go listen to the o-ri-gi-nal.

Alex said...

I actually really like this. He needs more of a subtle emotional energy voice during the verses, for sure. But oh man...this could be WAY worse, lol. Props...