Saturday, 15 May 2010

"Thank Me Now" on 'Thank Me Later'

As revealed on a recent article, Timbaland produced the track "Thank Me Now" on Drake's upcoming & highly-anticipated debut album 'Thank Me Later' (release date: June 15)!

And here are 5 thing to know about Drake's album from Rap-Up:

  1. Timbaland produced a track called "Thank Me Now".

  2. Indie pop band Francis and the Lights, who opened for Drake on tour, is featured on one song. “I wanted to take what I love about [their] music and bring it into my world,” says Drake

  3. “Karaoke” deals with the pitfalls of achieving fame at an early age. He recalls how he felt at 15 when his girlfriend told him she couldn’t love a star. “It killed me,” he explains. “I can’t wait till she hears it. She’ll know it’s her.”

  4. Jay-Z schools his younger peer on “Light Up,” which he first told about in December. “He lets me know how young and naive I really sound,” Drake says. “It’s an incredible moment. He’s like, ‘This is how it really is. Because I’ve lived it.’”

  5. Drake made this album for music lovers, not for the Billboard charts. “I didn’t make this album for commercial purposes. A lot of the verses are extremely long. I just made it to share with people. I hope they can enjoy.”

2 Comment(s):

EQ said...

I hope I can enjoy too

Haze said...

Man I hope this is actually good! As a somewhat title track anyway....