Friday, 4 June 2010

Jazzy - "Beauty And The Beat" [Mixtape]

Now check out this mixtape that was released on May 5th this year. It's by the singer Jazzy and, as you can see on the picture above, is called 'Beauty And The Beat'.
Download it from her website:

So, why am I posting this? Well, check the credits of the mixtape below. Sunset Ent. Group signee & songwriter/producer Donnellshawn has got a couple of credits on this mixtape:

Some of you might already be familiar with the artist Jazzy. Remember the track "Remote Control", which was stated on several blogs & forums that it was Timbo on the beat & Keri on the vocals? Actually, as you probably already know, the track is performed by Jazzy, produced by Rykeyz and written by Donnellshawn & The Write Chix. It's also song #4 on the mixtape!

And now to another track that already leaked last year. It is "Off My Square" by Jazzy. Even though it was also tagged as produced by Timbaland, it was really produced by TWIZZLAH aka Hannon Lane! (check the acapella on the mixtape)
You also might have heard the same beat (with a few changes) with another artist. The girl group 'Sophia Fresh' did a track on that beat called "Do The Dance"!

2 Comment(s):

MosleyRn8 said...

you forgot Atozzio - Vigilante
also the same beat and also tagged as Timba production...

Haze said...

hmm beats are very vaguely slightly similar... hilarious how everything with hard hitting drums or dense drums are tagged as timbaland....