Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tracks from Timbaland/M.I.A. session Part 2

Last time, we were able to give u an LQ version of an unknown & unreleased Timbaland production. And today you'll get another track from a melody played in this session produced by someone from Timbo's camp.

But first, watch the last 20 seconds (05:00 min - end) of the 2nd video. I'm sure this melody sounds familiar to a lot of you guys. It is kind of an 8-Bit sample/interpolation of the beautiful theme song from the 1983 movie "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence", composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto. (listen here)

Okay, you heard the 8-Bit sample & the original I'm giving you the track!
Check it out:

Sophia Fresh - "Playlist":

DL link

NICE to finally hear a track made with ths melody!!

So, who produced that track? As you probably can hear it out, it's produced by the beast called Hannon Lane! (just as "Do The Dance")

Have Fun with it!!

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Venture said...

Fresh! This is Fresh!!!

Ryuichi Sakamoto's version is so fuggen awesome. That is a beautiful composition... so much atmosphere.

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stargate said...

Lovin it!! The track and the sampled track! :D
Keep those 8-Bit sounds coming Timbo!

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...

I can see Hannon's getting it in with those Battery 3 marching band drums these days. Nice! I guess Nappy Boy and Hannon have a deal going cause he's got placements on a couple of their projects.

Blade said...

I hear sounds from previous Hannon Lane productions. This violin that pitches down, if you know what I mean. Also used on "Rehab". listen to it.
To the track and beat, it's really good. I like it.
Thanks for the song

Blade said...
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Frederick said...

Finally, some heat for the start of the summer. Where can I get the sample beat from? LOL I shoulda been collecting these 8 bits.

Don £ Blaze said...

I like the original they sampled from and although I feel this beat doesn't capture the emotion in the original I still like it! The vocal arrangement compliments the beat well. Most of Sophia Fresh joints are on point...prob' cos T-Pain is behind 'em!

TiMBO said...

crazy track by tim that's what i'm talkin about love it 100% ;)