Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Timbaland feat. T-Pain & Billy Blue - "Talk That" [clean]

Just for the fun it and for the people who might want to hear it with small children around....The clean version of Timbo's "Talk That" featuring T-Pain & Billy Blue.
This is also one of the tracks on 'SVII: The Singles'.
Listen below:

Timbaland feat. T-Pain & Billy Blue - "Talk That" [clean]:


Have Fun! ;)

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N.L.O said...

why why why whyyyyyyyyy

They should have released the version featuring Akon, Missy, T-Pain all together !

N.L.O said...
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DeGato said...

I like this version better than the Missy version.

H and S said...

Brandy confirms Timbaland is producing the majority of her new hip hop oriented the article:

Anonymous said...

actually the EP is not titled "Shock Value II: The Singles" but "Shock Value II" The Essentials".