Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Friendly Reminder... without the subliminal shots, please?

Hello Buzzers,

How has it been? I hope you've been good, great, awesome, or any collection of those positive words.


So I just wanted to remind everyone that, we at the The Timbaland Buzz; Luke, Black, and myself... built this site after the information covering Timbaland via blog occupancy, was vacant. Luke, decided that the quickened, haste, premature conversion to vacancy wasn't adequate, and decided to create this awesome site because he felt that you all wanted to be continued on your feeding of Timbaland information. He asked Black, and I to come along the journey. We have been a hit since. Within our first year, we became a hit blog, and the most popular for Timbaland information, and we are still growing and growing exponentially.

Of course, there were predecessors, and there will be successors. But do not get it misconstrued, this is not a competition. What came before us, is what came before us, and what comes after us, comes after us. Homage in this case is definitely not needed, but we for sure payed it. Even when it was vacant. Once our site became protruding, and strong, some of our predecessors became conscious, and restarted their operations, and we still (and we still) supported them. Look in our affiliate link box, any blog of relation to Tim is in there. Why? It isn't a competition. Why are bringing people information on Timbaland competitive, we are supporting Timbaland. To bring competition to supporting a artist in this case, is solely going against the fact of supporting the artist... to bring more listeners to the artist.

Luke, Black, and I are all college students, and we are enjoying the fruits of life. Luke is a talented artist on the rise, Black is a talented record producer and a talented video producer, and I am a up and coming record producer, and we all have bright striding futures ahead of us. We don't take this blog operations emotionally to the point where we are being churlish and attacking others, that isn't us... at all. And the best part? We are human. What do humans do? We make mistakes. Whats great about mistakes? Everyone remembers that you are human, thus they relate to you more. We enjoy being human, all the while avoiding conflict. :)

Oh, and also! Do you know what was such an awesome thing about starting this blog around the time we started? When we were born, basically was Wizz Dumb! So in a way, its like we are covering the next super producer before people even recognize him as such! So in a way, Wizz and TTB are growing together!

With ALL that said, Luke, Black, and I will all like to thank you for your continued support! We get over a thousand views a day, even on slow days, so we know you all out there are helping, and wanting more Tim information, Tim music, Seb information, Seb music, Wizz information, Wizz music, etc...!

So thank you!

And now... since you read all this please go look at Wizz's crazy dumb blog #3!

- v

3 Comment(s):

moon1283 said...

a 1000 hits a day????
that is incredible...
didnt think alot of people knew about this site...
i think i speak on behalf of all the fans of timbo and this site when i say thanx for ur continuous effort to make this the best source for all that is timbo related.
i was so happy when i found this site by mistake,coz i needed some reliable timbo info...
anyways...much love for all of ur work guys...u deserve it and i hope yall become great producers one day...peace

Venture said...

Thanks so much! We really appreciate your continued support!

Thanks for the great kind words on our careers also. Means a lot! :)

MeSouth said...