Thursday, 26 August 2010

Timbo NOT suicidal!

Well, just a short post to clarify that all these reports about Timbo being suicidal...they are NOT true!!
('short post' beacuse this blog is mostly to support Tim & his music...and not about spreading around fake gossip)
Check an interview on the Ryan Seacrest show with Timbaland:

On waking up this morning to the news:
"I dont know what happened to be honest with you. I don't even know what people are talking about."

On the reported theft of one of his watches by a close friend:
"[The theft] did happen, [but] it wasn't a watch, it was something else."

On the police report's "possible suicide attempt":
"The only thing that I did was take a drive to figure out how I was going to handle [the theft]."

On why people thought he may have been suicidal:
"I wasn't talking, so I guess people got worried."

"I tell people if my mom ain't calling, or my brother or my best friend, then ain't nothing to worry about."

So again, Timbaland WASN'T & ISN'T suicidal!
Something from his house got stolen, Tim took a drive to think about the situation and his family got worried because he didn't tell them were he went...

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Dexter said...
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Black Arrow said...

No "dude", Timbo said it on the interview.
and "yesterday" is called "a few days ago" now? wow, hahaha

Venture said...

Dexter, what is your problem? I swear people just love being negative. You are not paying us to give you Tim information. We aren't getting paid for this. Who cares if it is a little late. We have lives.

Please, grow up. It will be the best for you. Stop taking this online stuff so serious.

Venture said...

And. The only reason why we posted this is to swiftly clear this stuff up. We don't need to post the 911 call and such... Tim wouldn't want us to post all that. I'm pretty sure he is annoyed by all of this, and want us to continue our operations.

The end.