Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Keri Hilson - "Breaking Point" [(unfinished) Music Video]

Here's a leaked and, as keri said on twitter, still unfinished version of her 1st single "Breaking Point" off her upcoming album 'No Boys Allowed'!
Watch below:


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BooDi said...

it's good video i luv it .. and i am glad that breaking piont is off her album .. it wasn't a bad song it just not good for da fans but it's allright for an R&B track ..

good luck for our baby Ms Keri in "no boys allowed'' .. ;]

Mr. Rios said...

This song is so tight!!! some good ol tim.. reminds me of Aaliyah's "Never Comin' Back"

She's the best Female R&B singer since thing since Aaliyah. Hell... she's the best R&B Singer PERIOD since Aaliyah!!!

Lauren Marie said...

GO KERI!! :D i can't wait for the final result!