Friday, 22 October 2010

Missy's Comeback

Missy spoke to MTV News recently, again stating that her new club single "Blow Ya Whistle" will drop very soon, from her upcoming album "Block Party", expected to drop late 2010/early 2011.


"People always be like, 'Where [you] been?' but you gotta remember, I got Jazmine Sullivan out there, I had Monica 'Everything [To Me']," Missy explained on the red carpet for Tao New York's 10th Anniversary Party carpet last week. "I'm always having artists that I'm doing records on so I'm just behind the scenes right now. I did the artist thing, now I'm just writing and producing."

Elliott has been tending to Sullivan, who the MC worked with for years, including producing her 2008 reggae-tinged debut single, "Need U Bad." Elliott said that the Philadelphia songstress is a "beast" and predicts a lengthy career ahead for Sullivan.

"It's been a long time coming but she gon' be around for a long time. She's gon' make people have to step up they singing," Missy beamed. "Jazmine sing from the soul. She sing from a different place. She's not just a singer, she sings from a place where you feel like she been through those things before. And she got a husky voice and we haven't heard that really in R&B in a long time so she [has] a unique voice."

But she's not giving up everything to her protégés. Elliott revealed that although she's primarily staying behind the boards, she plans to drop a "club record" called "Blow Your Whistle," to which she promises fans "gon' be dancing." However, any proper Missy Elliott track needs to be accompanied by an out-of-control visual. Elliott assured fans that her forthcoming single, which will drop "in a minute," won't be any different.

"I gotta figure out this video thing and then we gon' drop it. It's gotta be a whole thing, it's a puzzle for me. It's not just the record, it's about the video too," Elliott said.


source: MTV NEWS

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Frederick said...

Would it have hurt whoever wrote that article to make Missy's comments more presentable for readers?