Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nelly feat. Keri Hilson - "Liv Tonight"

Nelly's newest album '5.0' leaked a couple of days ago and one of the tracks on the album has got a feature by Keri Hilson.
Listen below:

Nelly feat. Keri Hilson - "Liv Tonight":


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Kaka92 said...

nah wack dont like it :S

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...

This is 100% wack juice.
Expected better from the people involved. Polow knows better than to make this clone euro-pop shit. I mean the beats he gave Nelly on his last CD are far better. This is an "auto-pilot" record.

♫ ღ BooDi ♪ said...

ain't feel this shit ><"

Alex said...

They couldn't even spell "live" correctly? SMH...

Can't believe this is a Runners production! I do like this song WAY more than most of the Euro pop stuff going on right now. And I actually find it way more interesting than the other stuff the Runners have put out lately.

Trying to get into the Bangladesh/Dr. Luke track, but I was hoping for something different from them.

da CHEF said...

i feel the need to hate Jersey Shore & Enrique Iglesias coz thats what this song sounds like...and is that all Nelly could afford from Keri is couple lines