Tuesday, 30 November 2010

songs on Bei Maejor's 'Upside Down Vol. 2'

Attitude made it to the latest mixtape by Bei Maejor 'Upside Down Vol.2'. The song is called "U Know How It Go" and is produced by Maestro & Bei Maejor.
Check it out:

Bei Maejor feat. Attitude - "U Know How It Go"
(produced by Maestro & Bei Maejor)

Another one who made the cut on the mixtape as a producer is Tommy Hittz who is managed by Melvin Barcliff aka Magoo.
Listen below:

Bei Maejor - "Rollin'"
(prod. by Tommy Hittz)

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Alex said...
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Alex said...

Awful songs. Probably good for the charts, but definitely bad for my ears.

da CHEF said...

it just sounds like all that mediocre stuff you see put up on blogs daily...as Simon would say...forgettable