Friday, 26 November 2010

Timbaland Vault: Timbaland & Magoo feat. Sebastian - "Fried Chicken Freestyle"

The King is back, putting out another sick unreleased track!!
A lot of people were asking him about Magoo and what he's doing right now...well, here is what he had to said about him:

"Ok alot of people have been askin about my partner in crime Magoo. Like what he been doin and how he been. Magoo is doing great he actually manages some real dope producers. and he was just down here wit me not to long ago.
Since there are so many Timbaland and Magoo fans and its thursday how bout we go into the Timbo vault for some old Magoo stuff.
It's funny that he title it this i guess cause its thanksgiving so it just makes sense. Well here go."
- @Timbaland007

And I guess all of us already know that beat! It's from Missy's song "Keep It Movin'" featuring Elephant Man off her album 'This Is Not A Test!'.


8 Comment(s):

Kaka92 said...

seby killed whit does ryhmes

no said...

i love it

Fabio Farraj said...

i'm here to say that i hate Keri Hilson! lol


French Guy said...

OLD SONG... not what i want

Frederick said...

This one's good, but I'm looking for those 04-07 leaks! Supply the goods, Timbo!

Chris(Ger) said...

Nice one. There's also a D.O.E. song out there called "U Don't Believe Me" with the same beat.

OSO-Deluxe-Edition said...

not what I've accepted of Timbo...
Kanye gave ALBUM TRACKS on Good fridays!!!!(like monster and so appalled)
and now Timbo is hitting us with old beats and "Regular Timbo"!
and I agree with Fabio her two new singles suck a$$!

da CHEF said...

Fabio...what does ur issues with Keri Hilson have anything to do with this sad people dont even see there stupidity...youll only make urself look more pathetic with a hate reply

damn luv Fried Chicken....takes me back 2 Lobster & Scrimps with Jay Z