Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tina feat. Fat Joe - "So Good"

You might remember, a few month back we introduced Tina as the newest signee to Timbaland Productions. And we also got numerous tweets of her, saying that she was in the studio with Timbo, Jim Beanz and more...(her new twitter account: @TINAworldHQ)
Well, it only took these few months...and now we have her first track & single with productions from Tim's camp! They really went IN on this one!!
Check it out:

Tina feat. Fat Joe - "So Good"
(prod. by Charlie Hype / written by Jim Beanz & Donnelshawn)

Tina's first "So Good" featuring Fat Joe is available for download on iTunes on November 9th.
The Paul Coy Allen directed music video is coming soon, too...

Thoughts on the track?

5 Comment(s):

♫ ღ BooDi ♪ said...

for a first track for her i will say it's "So Good" baby .. but is there one dirctor in this world or what !! ><" .. BTW this is da MP3 Link Guys

V said...

this songs actually really good . im shocked cuz her old music sucked but this is major. beat i hot and shes sounds good for a change, not as whiny and annoying as usual. i vote she stick with this kind of sound. im impressed with this tune, hope her albums this good.

Frederick said...

HOT. I think Jim Beanz finally found a way to mix Pop with the Indian samples... they're gonna love this in Central New Jersey LOL

Gonna be looking for an MP3 version now

Tina said...

Grip that mp3 here: http://soundcloud.com/glee8/so-good-by-tina-featuring-fat-joe

Frederick said...

Thank you, sweetheart!