Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Introducing: Chase Landon

Let us be the first to officially introduce the newest artist to join the Sunset Entartainment Group & Timbaland Productions family....Chase Landon!
At 16 years young, and an amazingly talented vocalist, dancer, singer/songwriter who was discovered through the internet site TalentMaven.com.

Some of you might have already seen and heard his newest song "Flirt". The track was produced by Timbo and Jim Beanz and written by Jim Beanz & Candice Nelson.

Check out day 1 of Chases rehearsal for his upcoming tour below:

Tim has found the next Justin Timberlake! ;)

And that is just the first of many more tracks we'll hopefully hear from Chase & producers out of Timbo's camp in 2011.

So everybody, now let's welcome Chase Landon to the world of Timbaland!!!

also follow him at Twitter @ChaseLandon!
or saying it in Tim's words: The TimbalandBuzz crew wants you to follow Timbo's newest artist @ChaseLandon.

For enquiries, hit up Mike "Daddy" Evans at timbalandproductions@gmail.com or Mike@sunsetentertainmentgroup.com

10 Comment(s):

John Doe said...

Welcome Chase Landon :)

Flirt sounds good. would have never thought that Timbaland had a hand in this one.
lol @ Timbos Justin Bieber. would be great though.

p.s.: I just discovered your site. lovin it! :)

Frederick said...

This dude has to compete with Jesse McCartney, Travis Garland, Justin Bieber, and possibly David Archuleta... good luck to him.

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...

Not bad.
I think the tune's alright.
We'll see where this goes.
We all know that "Timbaland and Jim Beanz" productions are Jim Beanz productions. Not too keen on Jim's beats. Nothing special there. His vocal production, though - Amazing *plays Bombay*

Miya said...

*hugs* Proud of you, Chase!

moon1283 said...

to be honest...i dont think timbo had much of a hand in producing this song...
i like the kid...definitely a better voice than justin bieber...
and i dont feel like beating the crap out of him when i see him...unlike that punk...lol

Thomas said...

wOw! now this boy has got a PROPER voice!
justin bieber eat your heart out, out with BIEBER FEVER, in with THE CHASE!

oh btw jb if u ever read this, this guy right here is ur death sentence! lOl

chrizelle said...
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chrizelle said...

you've got a nice choice of talent Timbo chase is really good amazingly fabulous talent and I can't wait 4 2011 to come go go chase i loved you your the best I will always be your #1 fan so proud. loved u too. timbo hope u come again here to the philippines. world be ready and prepare 4 d new superstar are you sucka for the chase well you better chase him now. b4 its too. late tell it 2 your friends about @ChaseLandon follow him his so talented and nice! my words are not enough to say how good he is just check him out 4 yourself and you will know what i mean<333 ^_^

♫ ღ BooDi ♪ said...

oh man this boy is full of talent ,, he can beat that stupid bieber only if timbo gives him all what he need

like usher doin with bieber

da CHEF said...

reminds me of those tracks Timbo made for NLT "he said she said" & "go" put together...nice job