Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Ginuwine - "Love to Hate" (Prod. by Timbaland) [+EXTRA]

Ginuwine – “Love to Hate” (feat. James Fauntleroy & Timbaland) [Prod. By Timbaland]

Here surfaces a track, that according to other sites, was intended to appear on Ginuwine’s 2009's ‘A Man Thoughts’, which is another Ginuwine/Timbo collaboration thats not even close to recapturing the brilliance of “Pony” or “What’s So Different?”.

But was it really made for Ginuwine’s album?
Well this track was originally leaked in 2011 with R&B singer Ray-J's vocals on it, personally I prefer Ray-J’s vocals to the track but who knows if this is the original demo or maybe it was perhaps for the soundtrack of his reality show; the album entitled “For the Love of Ray J” in 2009 also. [Our previous post about this track]

Ray-J – “Hate to Love You” (feat. Timbaland) [Prod. By Timbaland]

But we also know it wasn’t made for Ray-J originally either because there is yet another one by singer Jamie Foxx!
And another version performed by the ex-timbaland productions band ‘Rebel’ (now R-Styl). Maybe the true demo was performed by Rebel?

Jamie Foxx – “Love to Hate” (feat. Timbaland) [Prod. By Timbaland]

(We apologize for the shouts and bad quality)

Rebel (R-Styl) – “Hate to Love” (feat. Timbaland) [Prod. By Timbaland]

To the actual track. It starts off very promising, a fast paced R&B track with contradictory lyrics – but then it gets to a crowded chorus and all versions sound ginuwine-ly generic. They even sound bland through good headphones…

So now we know for a fact it wasn’t made for Ginuwine’s album and is covered by more artists than Christmas carols are.

Tell us what you think!
Who was it made for and which version do you prefer?

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TimboPassion said...

i'd like to hear the full jamie foxx version first before i can cast my verdict

Mister SoFo said...

hey where can i get the Ray J version........that song is too perfect.........his version is the best.