Saturday, 7 July 2012

Timbaland - "Hands in the Air" (feat. Ne-Yo) [Music Video]



Here is the official music video of "Hands in the Air" featuring Ne-Yo, from the Step Up 4: Revolution soundtrack. It intercuts scenes from the film with Timbaland and Ne-Yo on their various activities. It stars the films lead protagonist 'Emily' who is played by actress Kathyrn McCormick and new MMG signee Lyrica Anderson.
In the music video we get the trademarked Timbo funny faces, which seemed to be cross between an orgasm and an epileptic fit. Overall quite a slick but admittedly a generic soundtrack video for this film type.

Timbaland defiling the dancers

Timbaland's new bowler hat

They don't actually stand on chairs! They faunicate with them and one stands on a sofa seat but seriously, pay attention to the lyrics Mr. Director!

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4 Comment(s):

David Talbert said...

Lyrica Anderson is also in the video.

Haze said...

crap, thanks for pointing that out! It was in my notes for this post but i managed to omit her.

Frederick said...

This song grew on me. Sorry, guys!

Haze said...

Tbh I like Ray-J's version, but it has had tym to grow on me :D