Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Missy Elliott - "9th Inning//Triple Threat" (feat. Timbaland)

Missy Elliott - "9th Inning" (feat. Timbaland)

Missy Elliott - "Triple Threat" (feat. Timbaland)

Well here Missy and Timbo are back with a pair of brand new singles for her upcoming album entirely produced by Timbaland. The album is currently untitled, it maybe be titled "Block Party" or "Class Dismissed".1

It is unclear whether or not these are promo singles but they are more likely to be.
You can catch both on the US iTunes now, no word on other countries yet.

Does it compare to their previous collaborations, does it really capture that old magic? As with all music the answer is subjective so tell us what you think!



Check out Missy and Timbaland's uStream below, answering questions about their music and various other things.

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hattori said...

Their rhymes are so hard on 9th Inning. Tim came a long way as a rapper and he was flowing on there! The beat is nice too but not their best work in my opinion. I give the 9th Inning beat a 7 out of 10. I give most of their old beats from the 90
's and early 2000's between 8-10 out of 10.

Triple Threat, is pretty much the same. I like the rhymes but the beat is only around a 6 or 7 out of 10. I hold them to a high standard because of their older work so I want their new stuff to be equally as good or better.

I was disappointed to hear the album will only have 12 songs! That's not enough for a 5 year hiatus lol. I was hoping for a double cd but that's not happening.