Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Buzz Mixtape : Pop Edition

Hey everyone, here is the next installment of The Buzz Mixtapes!


1. Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me A River” (Produced by Timbaland)
2. Phamone – “Goodness” (Produced by Wamya Tembo)
3. “Symptoms” (Produced by Venture)
4. Casely – “Party All The Time” (Produced by Danja)
5. Craig David – “Body Talkin’” (Produced by Jim Beanz)
6. “Ice Cold” (Produced by Black Arrow)
7. Farah Rieli – “Try to Love Her More” (Produced by Moe Masri)
8. Britney Spears – “Break The Ice” (Produced by Danja)
9. “Lights Out” (Produced by Authentik Beats & T- Nash)
10. M. Pokora – “Catch Me If You Can” (Produced by Timbaland)
11. Nicole – “Confidence” (Produced by PoetEd)
12. Keri Hilson – “Knock You Down” (Produced by Danja)
13. Chris Cornell – “Get Up” (Produced by Timbaland)
14. “Ladies & Gentlemen” (Produced by Kenny of Astro)

Thank you for all that contributed! Enjoy!

35 Comment(s):

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...

I made the cut!!!!
Thanks a mill.
Dope mixtape - not biased cause I'm on it.

I'm Phamone (pronounced Famony), that's my producer/artist name.
Wamya Tembo is my real name.

Haze said...

@ Sire Thulsa Boom, kwl, that is tight beat mate!

@everyone this mixtape is iTunes friendly with all the tags and ID tages correct, with embedded album art.

Anonymous said...

oh shit! congrats BOOM

awesome line up

not to point ou anyone but omg symptoms is super dope!

and Keri... u belong to me

- chris

Anonymous said...

Thats ma homie THULSA
i knew that beat would make it
its too real
im bout to listen to the whole thing now
do your thing mang

Malachite *Look Out For Me*

tiocfaidh said...

Icho making it big now pham!

Frederick said...

Mediafire >>>>> Zshare and any other file sharer.

Moe Masri said...

Thanks for the plug!!! :)

Venture said...

Awesome release! Beautiful cover art!

Shouts out to Luke and Black Arrow for the track listings. Shouts to Luke on the art!

Congratulations to all the producers and or artist that got their tracks chosen for this months mixtape. And thank you all for your submissions, please send more for next month.

Thank you to the anonymous user up there, glad you like "Symptoms", I mad that a year ago this month.

Septembers mixtape will be Techno/Dance based. Please start on your tracks now.

Thank you again.

- V

Venture said...

By the way, I'm listening back now. Cry Me A River, nice way to start it off. Thulsa BOOM! Waz up bro? Nice drum pattern/loop. Also, that vocal loop... I've heard it before... but from where? Hmmmm... nice track build!

Venture said...

Great mixtape overall!

A lot of influence from Tim can be told.

My advice to some of the producers, when producing a track... sometimes you have those that show off your skill, and then most of the time you have tracks that you intend to have someone over one day. Try to leave room for the artist, and don't over produce the track.

Kudos to everyone!

Can't wait till next mixtape! Techno/Dance that should be easy, right? Just kidding.

Edward "PoetED" Sanders, Jr. said...

PROPS to everybody who made the cut!!! Mixtape is dope!!! Keep up the Grind to us all!!!!

Swandito said...

Props to all of y'all this is a dope project!!

When is the next one due?

Black Arrow said...

Man, the mixtape is dope!!
So much talent around the world!

Haze said...

i think the next one will be at the beginning of September and it is Techno/Dance i think

Venture said...

This is a dope mixtape.

Next month is Techno/Dance. Early/Mid September, so get on the tracks.

Luke, do you have a Zshare account so you can track downloads?

Haze said...

nope :( realised that you cant know how many downloads, but you can see how much ppl clicked the download link on our site i think

Venture said...

ok cool, yet zshare only has that count for members only now lol

baby_music_oo said...

I love that Phamone - Goodness beat, very well done Wamya.
By the way, the hi hat is so Danja, just like the synthie, but thats why I love it.
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

upload it as a .rar file I can't download it wanna hear it sooooo baddd!!

Venture said...

Hey Luke, can you upload it as an .rar?

Haze said...

can someone just upload it to 4shared plz? cuz i need to get up v. early 2moz... :D

Black Arrow said...

I'm uploading it right now as a .rar on Zshare & Mediafire.

Haze said...

thanks BA!

Venture said...

You rock BA!

TTB Crew Bot said...

56-550756u45i4634-604344i645064i-35 hash 595656059e

Haze said...

ok... :D

Authentik Beats said...

Yeah i made the cut! track 8, "Lights Out" produced by me & my boy T-Nash ;)

Thanks to the TTB team!

By the way the mixtape is dope, concerning the "danjaland" productions i like the selection, same for the unsigned acts (not because i'm on it ^^)

Authentik Beats said...

By the way i noticed an error on the cover: it's written "Authenik Beats" instead of "Authentik Beats"!

It's not a big deal tho :)

Venture said...

Sorry about that, our bad.

Haze said...

Shit no that MY bad! Sorry mate! Fuck sake I always get someones name wrong!!! :D I'll correct it when I get home tomorrow... Sorry!

Venture said...

Man, we are a team, we make mistakes together fool!

SShearer said...


'Goodness'- (Produced by Wamya Tembo)
Very EH! Kind've bland, wasnt checking for it quite honestly.

'Symptoms'- (Produced by Venture)
track Symptoms is DOPE.
beat is ILL love the synths!!!!!
I'm about to hit the repeat buttton!!!
Alright yo seriously, Symptoms is CRAZY! This song might've just made a playlist on my iPod

'Ice Cold'- (Produced by Black Arrow) Eh No SKIP
the track Ice Cold is dick riding Tim's
Devil Wouldn't Recognize You track on Madonna's
Hard Candy album u know with the Dalai Lama
sounds and all that
SKIP to the next track

'Try To Love Her More'- (Produced by Moe Masri)
try to love her more was alright singer
is unnecessary on the track, love the beat build tho
just GET RID OF THE SINGER on the track please but good job!

'Lights Out'- (Produced by Authentik Beats & Nash)
Liked it prob 3rd favorite production on mixtape aside from the Timbaland, Danja, Jim Beanz tracks but 3rd in line behind Venture's Symptoms, damn I'm gonna go listen to that track again synths got me!

'Confidence'- (Produced by PoetEd)
Beat very popesque. Singer is trying to be Keri Hilson with her Return The Favor/Turnin Me On sound alike lyrics BLAAH but beat is very popesque and I like the beat, no homo. Good shit this track is probably slightly ahead of that Lights oUt track but the singer needs to come up with a better concept with the lyrics cuz I would rather listen to Keri's tracks than this but once again beat is good!

'Ladies & Gentlemen'- (Produced by Kenny of Astro)
Different nonetheless. But just wasn't pulling me in to the track at all. Had to stop playing the mixtape 1:00 into the track sorry but wasnt my thing....

Favorite Tracks (Aside from Timbaland, Danja, & Jim Beanz tracks...Obviously!):
1. Symptoms
2. Confidence
3. Lights Out

Alright ya'll really good effort put into the mixtape. I may have criticized some tracks here and there but i'm sorry they just weren't pulling me in at all. I discover talent day in and day out I am an A&R so I am expecting to hear something a little more better on next months mixtape. Step your game up and don't disappoint! We listening...

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...


Thanks, fam.
The voice sample is from a hip-hop keyboard kit a friend hooked me up with. Wyclef and Pharrell have messed with those samples before.
Symptoms was too sick!!
Damn folk...there's something in that VA water, I tell you!


Thanks a lot. Glad you love it.
Will definitely keep it up. Working at it everyday so hopefully, some new bangers on the way.

Mad props to TTB for the dope tracklist and the exposure. Props to the other producers and artists doing their thing on the mixtape - LET'S GET MONEY!!!

as for the criticism, SShearer. Thanks. Hopefully I'll make something you'll like someday soon. No hate.

Authentik Beats said...

Hey SShearer!

Glad to see that my track is your 3rd favorite production on mixtape aside from the Timbaland, Danja, Jim Beanz tracks!

It's a blessing when i see that this feedback comes from an A&R!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

@SSHearer, i think you should have gave my track a little longer listen, you'd hear the detail i put into the bridge, chorus and outtro. I feel you though, I'll definitely do a lot better for the future mixtapes.

Thanks for the feedback.