Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hayes Interview

The announcement that you signed to Aftermath and were co-signed by Dr. Dre and Timbaland just happened. What have these last few weeks been like for you?

Everything’s been pretty cool. I’m working hard. I’m about ready to head out on tour with Timbaland.

How did this deal even come about in the first place?

You know what? I’ve known Dre. Dr. Dre is like a good friend of mine and we were thinking of a way to make my album big. Me and him was at Diddy’s club one night and Timbaland came in the club and was asking what me and Dre was doing and we told him we were doing an album and he wanted to do it together.

How did you link up with Dre in the first place?

Shit, I’ve known him from years ago. Dre was the reason I got signed to Interscope in the first place.

What were you thinking when Timbaland said he wanted to get down on your album?

Timbaland is my dawg! It’s all family so it’s a beautiful situation. I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’

How do you see Dre and Timb working together?

It’s crazy. Me and Timbaland are working on the album and it’s been going great.

Do you see any creative problems arising with so many hands in the pot?

Hell no. Everybody’s down to earth. We’re going to ball until the wheels fall off.

A lot of artists have been signed to either Timbaland or Dre, like D.O.E. and Bishop Lamont, respectively, and have never come out. How are you going to make sure that doesn’t happen to you?

You know what? There’s a lot of things that go on and a lot of things that don’t go on and I hope that I’m one of the things that do go on. But I feel like with the magnitude of this situation, there’s no way to stop it. There’s too much momentum. I’m going to leave my mark out there. I’m just going to keep the momentum going and never let it stop.

Is not coming out a real concern of yours?

I haven’t questioned either one of them yet. Everything’s been perfect. The momentum and the energy have been great. Everybody’s excited and there’s progress every day.

Props to Big-A

2 Comment(s):

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...

I hope Hayes ain't to starstruck to say NO to the sub-par Tim beats he might get. Push the man to the limit, Hayes..we ain't tryna hear you on no Techno/Euro shit!!! This is his chance to prove the haters wrong.

Aayize said...

nah tim is deff gonna go hard as fuk cuz hes gonna keep thinking bout how hard dre is gonna go and that we'll push him enough..