Sunday, 7 November 2010

Keri Hilson - "The Way Ya Love Me" [update]

Recently, we reported about Keri Hilson shooting a video for her next single "The Way Ya Love Me" (without the previous one being released). We didn't even have a decent quality preview of that song, except that performance video.
Well, seems it didn't take so long for us to hear it after all....listen below:

Keri Hilson - "The Way Ya Love Me"
(prod. by Polow Da Don) to be still an unfinished version with no vocals at all from 2:50 - 3:30 mins.
But who might be the feature? Could be Rick Ross, JoJo, Faith Evans or Lloyd, who were all at the video shoot.

What do you think about the song? And who of these artists above should featured?

The finished version leaked today. and it features.....Rick Ross...check it out:

Keri Hilson feat. Rick Ross - "The Way Ya Love Me"
(prod. by Polow Da Don)

9 Comment(s):

Andy said...

Turning me on pt.2

and since wayne is out of jail she probably gonna wanna be the first person with a feature

Frederick said...

I've been on a JoJo binge lately... put my bitch on, Polow! Make her dirty.

Speaking of "dirty", Rick Ross doesn't need to be on any records, considering he's ghostwriting for Diddy. He's making enough guap doing that.

♫ ღ BooDi ♪ said...

this goes hard so badly .. and i agree with Andy it looks it's turnin me on pt.2 or something this is will be a hit and da best on album no doubt .. just who is she gonna feature this HOT track :\

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...

...and the feature is Rick Ross. I ain't mad, though. Just leaked.
LMAO @ Timbo's Keri singles always going belly up and Polow's singles building momentum for her projects. Timbo really needs to start bringing his A Game for Keri if he wants successful lead singles.

Frederick said...

I don't think Timbo and Keri should work together anymore, if you put it that way. It's a waste of time. Timbaland needs to break Hayes already.

♫ ღ BooDi ♪ said...

i agree wit ya frederick keri now can work with anybody and she should do that .. and timbo should give us a brand new singer as keri and maybe better too .

Alex said...

Absolutely trashy, lazy songwriting. What happened to actually writing a real song? But the beat is cool, lol.

Kaka92 said...

the beat is good but the lyrics isnt that good i mean she could come up whit somthing more intresting she her job is to intertain us she gets paid for doing this..

Fellomen said...

Hot Beat, sounds a lil bit bhangra..
Keri is shouting too much, hope this is not the final version, her voice needs some work.. wonder who the vocal engineer fo this track is