Monday, 8 November 2010

new Game track

Okay, so Game shared some really exciting news on twitter a few days ago.
Read them below:

  • I just wrote the BEST SONG of my career & I owe 2 ALL OF YOU!!! You will understand when you hear it. #time2celebrate - [link]
  • It's called L.O.V.E. = "Let Our Violence End" produced by TIMBALAND - [link]

The best song of his career? And it's a Timbaland production? Now that's dope!!
But Game forgot a small but very significant detail:
The track "L.O.V.E. (Let Our Violence End)" is a co-production between Timbaland and.....wait for it.....Wizz Dumb!!!!
And it's meant for Game's 'The R.E.D. Album'.

congrats to Wizz! first Shock Value 3 with Timbo and now this, you're doin it big!

12 Comment(s):

Frederick said...

BETTER than Put You On the Game? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

sounds cool

Alex said...

Yeah, Frederick...I'll believe it when I hear it. Definitely very curious!

Sir Thulsa BOOM said...

Au revoir, J-Roc :)

♫ ღ BooDi ♪ said...

homies will kill it

Melvin said...

theres very few tracks in music period! thats better than put you on the game. but remember, this is the same person who said in an interview "i got a beat from tim shittin on headsprung" and he was right. i trust his judgement lol.

Frederick said...

If I had to rank Game tracks, I'd say
#1 - Put You on the Game
#2 - Hate It or Love It
#3 - Diamonds

Let's see if this one adds itself to the list. Though, I add it's rather curious that Timbaland007 tweeted, "dope cant wait to hear that joint @thegame". What aspect of it hasn't Tim heard yet? Or, did Wizz Dumb do the whole thing?

Frederick said...

* Diamonds was a song with Robin Thicke, on Robin's album

Bilza said...

@Frederick that's why I question if it's really Timbo typing these tweets?? maybe it's just someone on his behalf. Notice how he keeps saying "Timbo today says you should follow..." Sometimes it could be Timbo or somebody else, that's the sense I get.

As for the track, I hope the beat itself is dope!

Black Arrow said...

I guess he hasn't heard the song yet because Game only just wrote it. Might not even be recorded yet.
They weren't in the studio together when he wrote it. Tim & WIzz are in Miami the whole time and it was send to Game.

Bilza said...

I guess this pretty much confirms it lol..

miguel said...

I loved he took the time to do that can't wait to hear what he is going to make