Friday, 30 October 2009

Want To Be A Guest On The Next TTB Mixtape? Here's how.


Attention to all producers, writers, artist, managers, etc... Do you want you to be on one the next TTB Mixtape? The TTB community is growing rapidly. Want your latest hot single featured on one of the anticipated TTB Mixtapes? Here is how:

Send email like this (ie):

Subject Line: "[month] Mixtape Submission 1 out of 3..."

Name (F, L)
Artist Name
Track Name (Including anyone whom is featured)
Genre (Must correlate with months specific genre)
Album **
Explicit Content (Y/N)
Contact (Optional) ***
Plug Site (Optional)
Outlet (Optional) ****

To the following address:


General Info
*Spam will not be allowed, it will be deleted and will corrode your chances of ever being featured on any of our mixtape releases.
*Please only send a submission once, there is no need to send the same tracks twice. Do not send a collection of tracks more than 3 items. Please use Zip archive compression. File sharer sites like are acceptable as long as the content is downloadable. We will download the file to our respective hard drives. DO NOT send unprotected material. Please only send copyrighted material. If you send a unprotected item, and it is used inappropriately and illegally by someone, we do are not held responsible.
*We will not accept submissions in any other format, please use the one exampled above.

Album details**
If an album/mixtape/feature/etc... is not available for the track please put a "N/A" in the area for the "Album:" query.

Contact info***
You aren't forced to put contact information besides your (or your artist's) email. Your personal contact information will not be publicly displayed.

Outlet ****
Can your track be brought through iTunes or any other online market? If so, please include links to the outlet for your track.


Final words:

Only two guests or more will be spotted per mixtape. There will never be two tracks from the same affiliation. The TTB Crew will review all tracks submitted. No bias will be used when reviewing submissions.

Thank you. We have had major success with the first release and TTB would like to personally thank you all. We strongly recommend that before you send your work, that you participate with commenting, or forum activity. Thank you.

- TTB Crew

10 Comment(s):

Anonymous said...

when is the submission deadline?


Venture said...

Wow, this is official!

Matthias, the deadline is going to be 5 days before submission.

So July 4th is going to be the release for the second mixtape.

Anonymous said...

okay :)
thank u!

Venture said...

No problem!

Anonymous said...

u guys maybe should announce too which genre it'll u wont get that much non-correlating tracks in ur inbox...

or I dont see it...but I thought i read it was R%B right?


Anonymous said...

yeah i think it was rnb...

Venture said...

Post bumbed.

Venture said...

Hey kiddos, just letting you know... if you post on something, you are associated with it. :)

evan said...

Fail = typing three posts in a row, and agreeing with yourself under an anonymous account.

- king evan

stormy (Priceless' manager) said...

Thanks TTB for their hot news !